the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Monday, 21 February 2011

Postcards of pictorial London (FAGA series)

Postcards of London city, The FAGA series
Designer/Artist: Lithographic plates by Wilson Litho Services
Printer: S.E. Devenish Ltd
Year of publish: 1960s - 1970s
Place of publish: London
Condition: Fine
Version/Correction: N/A
On the postcards of Hendon and Mill Hill, the address of S.E. Devenish Ltd was '109/111 Junction Road, London, N.19' but the address changed to 'Tavistock Terrace, London, N.19' on the other 3 City postcards.
logo on the back - it seemed that this logo only appeared on the postcards of City of London but not on the ones out of the city centre.
 FAGA series No.2A (2/6P/7/64). Hendon is in the Northwest of the City.
FAGA series No.6 (2P/12/62). Mill Hill is in the Northwest of the City.

FAGA series No.10A (18P169).
FAGA series No.18 (8P668). 

FAGA series No.29A (17P/172). From the short text printed on the back of the postcard, S.E. Devenish was believed to operate as travel agent: 'An opportunity to enjoy sightseeing along the historical Thames is now available on the luxury cruiser "Silver Marlin" - dancing and license refreshments aboard. Organized parties should apply to Agent: 01-346 0374'

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