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the World is under my feet
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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

British Empire Exhibition 1924

Title: British Empire Exhibition 1924
Collection: Map
Designer/Artist: Kennedy North
Publisher: Dobson, Molle & Co. LTD
Year of publish: 1923
Place of publish: Great Britain
Size: 51cm x 75cm
Material: Paper
Condition: Yellowed, several tears along the folds, minor chips along the edges, overall in fair condition
Version/Correction: N/A

This colour map 'described in relation to the ralways of London' which shows people the ways to reach the Exhibition. The Exhibition was held from April to October in 1924 in Wembley Park.

Here's the description:
'The British Empire Exhibition will be the chief event of 1924. Never before has an Exhibition on such an elaborate scale been prepared. It is costing over £10,000,000 to produce, and an entirely new concrete city has been erected to house it. The most conservative expert calculations out the probable number of visitors between April and October at a minimum of 25,000,000. though its exhibits will be confined to the British Empire, in all but in name the Exhibition will be international, for the British Empire covers a quarter of the known globe, and every one of the Dominions and Colonies within its bounds is taking part.'

The part about Hong Kong:
One hundred and seventy-five Chinese will be found at work in the Hong Kong Section, which will take the form of an exact reproduction of a street in Hong Kong, with a Chinese restaurant, shops, native products, and all the other characteristics of life in Hong Kong. Models of the Colony, of its docks and of the steamships constructed there, will be shown, and blackwood furniture, carved ivory, rattan wares, silver filigree work and silk embroidery will be seen in the making.’

back & cover

on the back of the map, highlights of the Exhibition were briefly described and Hong Kong was included in the event as it was one of the colonies of the British Empire.

Further information:
Exploring 20th Century London (Museum of London Collection)

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