the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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about this blog & moo'di


Welcome to my blog.

Here is a place for me to share my passion of collecting London and England maps. My first collection is a 'Decorative Map of Tower Hill and District' published in 1949 by an unknown publisher in which I purchased at the Hong Kong International Antiquarian Book Fair in 2007. It was a start that I have begun to collect picturial (or called 'illustrated') maps. My first target was just picturial London maps before the WWII but many interesting maps, books, postcards related to London gradually become my target too.

Why I set London as my main target?
Since my aunties and uncle spent their teen years in England and always shared their memories with us, England has been my childhood dream place. Many years later, I spent my late 'gap year' there and stayed a short while in London.

Besides tons of tourist spots, there are zillions of interesting things to do and interesting places to visit. No matter how many times I visit London, it is still my favourite city. Ever!

My collections:
1] Pictorial London maps (mainly before WWII)
2] Pictorial British maps included Scotland and Wales (mainly by the Bartholomew)
3] London tube maps (1990s onwards)
4] London map on Postcards
5] Reference books about cartography and topography of London
6] Map handkerchiefs
7] Catalogues of map collections
8] Objects with London maps on