the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Maps & the Geospatial Revolution

I am taking a 5-week online course 'Maps and the Geospatial Revolution' by Pennsylvania State University.

The course opens to general public even for whom knows nothing or less about Geospatial or geography. It has started on 17th July 2013 and the course coordinator is Dr. Anthony C. Robinson.

If you could not enroll this course at this time, you can still access the videos:

The syllabus and schedule:

Lesson 1: The Geospatial Revolution
How We Navigate 
Making Decisions 
Sharing Stories 
The Changing Nature of Place 
What is Geography? 
Maps to Tell Stories, Maps to Provide Context 
The Earth is Round and Maps are Flat 
Video Assignment: Geospatial Revolution, Episode 1 (Full Episode)
Mapping Assignment: Investigating Global Population and Ecoregions
Discussion Assignment: Privacy and the Geospatial Revolution
Quiz # 1

Lesson 2: Spatial is Special
Thinking like a Geographer (by thinking Aspatially)
Spatial Relationships
Understanding Scale
What About Time?
Video Assignment: Geospatial Revolution, Episode 2, Chapter 3 (Powering Business)
Mapping Assignment: Changing Landscapes, Sharing Maps, and Fun With Projections
Discussion Assignment: Change Matters In Geography
Quiz # 2

Lesson 3: Understanding Spatial Data
Where Are We Now?
The Earth From Above
Who Makes Spatial Data?
Describing Spatial Data
Video Assignment: Geospatial Revolution, Episode 4, Chapter 4 (Mapping Power to the People)
Mapping Assignment: Mapping Hazards (And Understanding Spatial Data While We're At It)
Discussion Assignment: Where Do Disasters Happen, And How Can Maps Help?
Quiz # 3

Lesson 4: Doing Spatial Analysis
Overlay (and Beyond!)
Making Surfaces
Mapping Rates vs. Mapping Totals
Video Assignment: Geospatial Revolution, Episode 4, Chapter 3 (Tracking Disease)
Mapping Assignment: Real Time Data, Social Media Mapping, and Finding The Best Place For Things
Discussion Assignment: Mapping Social Media: What's It Good For?
Quiz # 4

Lesson 5: Making Great Maps
Who Wants A Map? 
Where Will It Be Seen? 
What Is Its Purpose?
Designing a Layout
Choosing Colors
Data Classification
Text on Maps
Video Assignment: Geospatial Revolution, Episode 4, Chapter 1 (Monitoring a Changing Climate)
Mapping Assignment: Storytelling With Maps 
Discussion Assignment: Telling Stories With Maps

Final Exam

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