the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

London Coronation Guides & Maps 1952

Title: London Coronation Guides & Maps
Publisher: A.P.S.O. Ltd and GEOGRAPHERS' MAP Co. Ltd
Year of publish: March 1953
Place of publish: London
Edition: 1st
Size: 17.8 x 11.5 x 1.1
Condition: Overall is excellent, only the cover loosen from the spine, simple book binding conservation technique can solve
Date of purchase: August 2013

Maps contained:
1] Main roads of Central London
2] The West End
3] Knightsbridge and Kensington
4] Subway map of Central London
5] Bus routes: Central London Area
6] West End theatres
7] West End cinemas

When I received the package, I found there is something strange: why is a map as thick as a booklet? Okay, it was a midnight and I would open on the next day.

huh?! Why it is a booklet?! Wow. There are many extra information about the Coronation. I have no idea whether this booklet was an official one but it covered a wide range of information about the Coronation and the city itself. It moreover contains 15 coloured and black-&-white photographs of the Royal family, Royal castles, prominent architectures as well as jewelries and artefacts of the Coronation. 

Why I would buy this booklet in which I though it is a map? It is because I have bought a pictorial 'Route Map of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II' published by Master Maps Ltd in 1953. This booklet is a good reference.

The contents:
Part I - London sights (General information, Places of interest in and near London, Tour of London)
Part II - London maps (mentioned above)
Part III - London shops (General information, Shops tabulated)
Part IV - London restaurants (General information, Restaurants tabulated)
Part V - London Services (Services listed)

This book is not exactly focused on providing very detailed geographical information but a general information of the city. In 1953, the 'All-figure dialling' system' (Wikipedia) was being used, for example, the restaurant Rules, its telephone number was 'TEM 5314' (now 020 7836 5314); and the phone number of the famous bookstore Foyle, W & G., Ltd. (now Foyles) was 'GER 5660' (now 020 7437 5660).

'The simplest way to find an address on the detailed Sectional Maps in this books is by reference to the dialling letters of its telephone number. These letters indicate the telephone exchange that serves it and appea in the area covered by the exchange shown on the maps. Thus, the telephone exchange and number of the American Consulate in Grosvenor Square in GROsvenor 9000. Its position will therefore be found on the detailed sectional maps in the area marked GRO.'

It is interesting that the price range of the Rules restaurant in 1953 was only 'Medium' but 60 years later, not many people would say its price is moderate unless you are a very better-off person. I had a lunch there in 2008 and it costed me around £80.


i personally think the Queen is beautiful

Main roads map of Central London

The West End

Bus route Central London Area

West End Theatres and Cinemas

Advertisement in 1953 

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