the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Thursday, 22 March 2012

A unique map illustrator - Katherine Baxter

It is my pleasure and honour to receive an email reply from Ms. Katherine Baxter last week. 

Since I have recently purchased a copy of Times London map (published by The Times), I would put the image here. But the map is fairly large and I had no confidence to do the scanning well by myself, it seemed that the only solution is to have the print scanned by a professional output shop. At that moment, I still did not notice the illustrator's name on the print.

Wait a minute! I saw a name of the illustrator and did the Google-search at once. I was dare to send her an email to ask her consent to use her illustration and she is very kind to let me have her permission.

Here we come: Katherine Baxter - a unique illustrator who draws wonderful maps! Perhaps she cannot be named a 'cartographer' but it is no doubt that she creates many stunning works about London's topography. 

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