the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Port VS Port

Title: Ports of London
Designer/Artist: P.L.A. Drawing
Year of publish: 1934 (?) and 1964
Place of publish: England
Material: Paper
Size: 71cm x 24cm (1934); 
Condition: Good
Version/Correction: E.J.H. 1/34. Revised 12/34 (1934 version); Revised 1.55.  6.59.  1.63.  3.64 (1964 version)

If you don't look closer and carefully, it is not easy to spot the differences before 2 'Plan of Ports' both issued by the Port of London Authority.

There are several obvious differences between 2 plans:
1] Font types: 1964 plan is more neat but the 1934 plan seemed to be hand-drawn
2] Indications of location: 1964 plan has more clear indications
3] Extra information: 1964 plan no doubt have much more details and figures than the 1934

On 1934 plan the underground station nearby the Tower of London was still called 'Mark Lane Station'. But on 1964 plan it was renamed to 'Tower Hill Station'.

On 1934 plan the Export Dock was still in the East India Docks but it disappeared on the 1964 plan.

the docks in the Royal Victoria Dock (A to I) were gone and the right-hand side of the Pontoon Dock was filled as well on 1964 plan.

image from the 1964 plan shows the Royal Victoria, Royal Albert and King George V Docks, taken by the Aerofilms.

a photo I purchased and loaned to the museum in 2008 but found that it is useless so I brought it home. where was it exactly??

Bird's eye view of the London docks, page (p.204) from Illustrated London News, 27th September 1845 (purchased in 2009)

Mark Lane Station at wikipedia
Abandoned station

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