the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Herb Lester London map series

I could not recall when and where I learned Herb Lester Associates' London maps. Once checked their website, I decided to break my own collecting rule to collect modern (post-war) illustrated London maps.

I ordered 6 maps (included 'A Glasgow Companion') in September 2011:
1] May We Help You - The Best Specialist Suppliers in London (2010, illustrated and designed by Michael Newhouse)
2] Untamed London - Where nature still runs wild in the big city (2011, illustrated and designed by Jez Burrows)
3] An Uncle's Guide to London (2011, illustrated and designed by Deanna Halsall)
4] You are Here - The best places to meet and work in London (2011,  illustrated and designed by Michael Newhouse)
5] The Map of Spitalfields Life - showing the People, Culture and Industry of this Historic Place (2011, illustrated by Adam Dant)
6] Clandestine London (2011, illustrated and designed by New Future Graphic)

The second batch I ordered in May 2012:
1] An East London Companion (2012, updated 2nd edition, illustrated by Brent Couchman)
2] Writing London (2012, illustrated and designed by Thibaud Herem)

It would be wonderful if I could find the first edition of  'An East London Companion' which is now out of stock.

All copyright belongs to Herb Lester Associates.

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