the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Island of Lost Maps

Title: The Island of Lost Maps - A True Story of Cartographic Crime
Author: Harvey, Miles
Publisher: Random House
Year of publish: 2000
Place of publish: New York
ISBN: 0-965-004057

The book title caught my eyes and my curioty drove me to buy it home.

There are many kinds of thieves in reality. But I didn't realize that someone are so addict to maps and this reason drove (or drives) them to be a map-thief. I must confess that this book is a bit fiction-like to me even though the story is real and it happened. I don't have any negative meaning to categorize it as a fiction-like work. What I really want to say is that Miles Harvey used an easy-to-understand and interesting approach to describe the 'strange' story. The readers who don't know much about map collection and cartography can also follow the story without hassle. I really appreciate. I was still quite new in map collecting when i first read this book in 2008 so I could not imagine the situation happened in the unfortunate libraries. But the more I see beautiful maps, the more I would like to become a 'clever' map-thief. Just kidding. However I can see the addiction of those greedy eyes and those temptations.

The design of the book is neat, font types are elegant, and the note and plates are sufficient.

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