the World is under my feet

the World is under my feet
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Monday, 14 March 2011

A Decorative Map of Tower Hill & District 1949

Title: A Decorative Map of Tower Hill & District
Designer/Artist: M.R. Sherley
Publisher: Unknown
Year of publish: 1949
Place of publish: Unknown
Inset(s): Nil
Material: Paper
Size: 35.5 x 48cm
Condition: Good with some minor flaws
Version/Correction: Nil

This map is my first collection and I love it so much. I bough it at the International Antiquarian Book Fair in 2007.

In June 2008, I 'returned' to my favourite city, London and spent several hours wandering the Tower Hill district with a photocopy of this map. The main aim of this adventure was to find the buildings which are still on the map. Therefore I took many photos of the existing locations.

The Monument was built in 1677 by Sir Christopher Wren to memorize the Great Fire in 1666.

St.Magnus the Martyr

Original location of Billingsgate Market

Customs House, now is a government office and museum

St. Dunstan's Church on a narrow land

moo on St. Dunstans Lane

St. Mary-at-Hill

St. Margaret Patten on Rood Lane

All Hallows Church

It is probably the Tower Hill Underground Station (?)

Port of London Authority (in the movie 'Lara Croft the Tomb Raider', Lara Croft first met the lawyer Manfred Powell and her Aston Martin appeared at the PLA entrance)

St. Olave Church on Hart Street / Seething Lane - This is a smallest parish church in the city which escaped the Great Fire in 1666. I though it is a 'strange' place as the entrance arch decorated with 3 stone skulls. Charles Dicken described it as "St Ghastly Grim". Interesting. Further information:

Crutched Friars (On the right hand side, there was still a construction site after bomb damage in WWII)

Fenchurch Street Station

Trinity House

Talbot House & Wakefield House locate opposite of the Trinity House

The Crescent

Wakefield Garden

The Royal Mint

St. Katharine's Dock

Tower of London

Foreshore at the Tower of London. The Children's Beach has gone in 1971. (Taken 1 day before this adventure on the way to the Blackfriars from the Millennium Dome) Further information:

It is interesting. Many people know the song 'London Bridge is falling down' and though this bridge is 'London Bridge'. For goodness sake, it is the 'Tower Bridge'.

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